The challenge of Writing

Anyone who writes knows it's a challenge just to put pen to paper or finger to keyboard. The difficulty is enough already but if your body and mind aren't in the right place it can make creativity almost impossible. I speak from experience. My relationship with writing has existed almost as long as mine with … Continue reading The challenge of Writing

Rare Marvel Comics ‘pay copy’ sells for $2.4 million – CNN



Tyrant Putin, not president.

Putin is a dictator, not a president. Can we please stop calling him that? He was only a president when he was first elected to office. Since then the russian "democracy", with real big air quotes, has been nothing but his personal political playground.Anyone confused by the situation in Ukraine should just find a book … Continue reading Tyrant Putin, not president.


The difference between the artist and their art

Cancel culture has shown more and more that we need to be able to separate the artist from the art. Yes, the artist is part of their art but while they will always own it financially, They don't own it emotionally. Everyone who's ever connected with the character and the story has emotional ownership. Once … Continue reading The difference between the artist and their art