The City and The Country

The friction in America is not between Republican and Democrat or even liberal and conservative, It’s between the city and the country. It’s the fact that policy is always going to be driven by the needs of large urban centers since that’s where most people live. When Trump talks about making America great again he’s not speaking to the people in advanced cities but to those in the country. Everywhere they look is another boarded up business or a generations old family farm being sold to corporations. As Trump proved in 2016 there are still many people living in what most of us would call the middle of nowhere. In my day job I’ve seen many of these towns. I live in Macon, a town an hour south of Atlanta. My town is considered small and still has a population of over a hundred thousand people. Some of these really small towns have a population of a thousand or less. A place where quite literally everybody knows everybody else.

The surprises that happened in 2016 and 2020 aren’t all that surprising when looked at in the light of this information. 2016 was a rising of people in the country to make their voices heard. The loss of Georgia and Arizona in 2020 wasn’t because of democratic treachery but the result of the large urban centers in those states wanting to make themselves heard after four years of Trump ignoring them. This is why we have this constant back and forth. Four years republican, four years democrat with each party trying to undo all that the other accomplished. At this rate it’s not a matter of if but when America will collapse. This constant infighting makes us look weak and stupid. We’re barely even a country anymore, just two sides of a shouting match who won’t realize they’re on the same side until someone else finally yells louder.

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