Fungi May Be Communicating in a Way That Looks Uncannily Like Human Speech

The idea that mushrooms aren’t originally from this world is looking a bit more probable.

2 thoughts on “Fungi May Be Communicating in a Way That Looks Uncannily Like Human Speech

  1. Dear William K Stevens,
    Thank you for introducing us to the article entitled “Fungi May Be Communicating in a Way That Looks Uncannily Like Human Speech” published at
    We humans have often underestimated nonhumans. Fungi are neither animals nor plants, though they are somewhat closer to animals.
    Parallel to the emergence of a new field in basic microbiology is the new understanding and discovery that tree roots and fungi form the Wood-Wide Web.
    At almost one and a half hour long, this is a substantial video with the following notes:

    Join UC Berkeley PhD candidate Lorenzo Washington for Sonoma Land Trust’s Language of the Land presentation, A Peek Into the Wood-Wide Web: How Plants and Fungi Communicate Underground. We will explore the relationships between trees, other plants and fungi that hinge on cooperation instead of competition to improve their odds of survival. Located in soil everywhere, these extensive underground communication networks play crucial roles within ecosystems and can provide new strategies for agricultural cultivation.

    Happy Easter to you soon!
    Yours sincerely,


    1. I’ve always found concepts like the wood wide web really interesting. It makes you realize just how small we really are compared to the world around us. I think if humanity could be more humble it might go a long way to solving many of our problems

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