Tyrant Putin, not president.

Putin is a dictator, not a president. Can we please stop calling him that? He was only a president when he was first elected to office. Since then the russian “democracy”, with real big air quotes, has been nothing but his personal political playground.

Anyone confused by the situation in Ukraine should just find a book on Adolf Hitler. A new age of Fascism is upon us. Hyper-nationalism being used by political strongmen to topple legitimate governments while they cry victim. While we’re at it, can we stop using Russian army and war with Russia. This is Putin’s war. Russia is just the unfortunate country he is taking advantage of just like old Adolf did to Germany. Even some soldiers are surrendering instead of fighting. Russia doesn’t want this war, just Putin.

I thought when I was younger that I was someone born out of time. That I belonged in another time period, so I’ve spent most of my life studying history only to now realize that my study has, in fact made me the exact person for this time and place. I know exactly what a tyrant looks like and I can only call this man like I see him.

Putin is a former KGB agent. In case you aren’t aware the KGB was the Soviet intelligence service. The stuff they cooked up in the cold war makes our modern CIA and NSA look like the girl scouts in comparison. If a cold war spy was our leader would you really be all that surprised if they did the same.

BUT WHY NOW? Putin has been in total control for years why choose now to make his move. Of course, the answer is January sixth. He watched his good friend Donald come within a hair’s breath of making himself the Caesar of America. Then he watched him get away with it Scott free. It showed him two things. That America is weak and no one will stop him. That’s what he thinks anyways. You see now in Putin’s actions Trump’s vision for America. To weaken its democracy until no one can stand in his way. We have to fight for the real America. The america that’s for everybody, not the whim of one selfish man.

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